– UK can win when BBC is ready!


Eurovision Norway asked JOWST about his plans for Eurovision 2019, after he confirmed to us that he wants to bring the UK-flag to Tel Aviv next year! 🇬🇧 🇮🇱

You are confirming that you want to represent Great Britain in the Eurovision Song Contest. Why the UK, exactly?

I want to represent the UK, but not as an artist, but by representing what is the most important, (to me): The songwriting and producing. There are two reasons for this;  One: the UK is the nation that usually has the biggest potential of winning the whole competition, or performing well in general. With its winning team of international song writers and artists, not many can beat them. But these people, (the song writers and producers), are not taking part. So one motivational factor is that it would be so cool to be able to work with some of them. The second, and probably  the biggest factor, is that the UK population generally has the worst attitude, of all the people taking part, to the competition itself. It’s like the opposite of cred. The media too is almost referring to this contest as a comedy. I kind of understand how it have ended up being referred to as a comedy.

I kind of understand how these people have landed there. Just the fact that they know that they are controlling the music industry, (in generally,  amongst the countries taking part) – but still they perform badly. There are specific happenings making us want that Ucraine won that year because of the conflict that they were in, and it was possibly what the song was about, or was referring to, as well. But I think that the song won beacuse of the general feelings it awoke when it was performed. What I am trying to say, is that to insist that the ESC is just about politics would have been a simple excuse for why everyone but the winner is losing. And this clearly something that the media over there has used as an «excuse» too, when the population gets frustrated by how poorly they are performing.  My aim is to prove the political statement wrong. But in order to make that possible, the BBC will have to go for it too. As Robbie Williams said: I am ready to represent the UK when the BBC is ready to win. – There’s something in that.

We would very much like to know everything about the tune(s) that you have handed in to the UK, but what can you say about it? Have you written it on your own? Have you found someone to perform it?

I am sending in several songs. Some of them are sounding like JOWST, and others aren’t. It is mainly songs that can be categorised as pop-songs. The kind of songs that British artists have succeeded with earlier. Not songs that you would normally hear in the ESC. First and foremost it’s all about finding which song is the best. And we need to find the right artist. But I am in touch with several artists. If I was to hand in 7 songs in total, it would be between 14 and 20 licensees in total on those songs. But a funfact is that one of the songs that will be handed in for evaluation, is written by myself, Kjetil Mørland and the Finnish duo from 2017, Norma John…


Joakim With Steen (JOWST) in his new Studio. (Photo: Are Næsset)


Have you sent contributions to other countries, and if so, which ones?

Yes, I have sent songs to 3 other countries. I have earlier, quite on the impulse, promised that I would bring two songs to the next round.

You and Aleksander Walmann «came out of nowhere» and won the MGP 2017. How was it to handle all the attention that you got overnight? 

It has been fine. Both myself and Aleksander have been focusing on not to get the attention on the wrong premises. When we have been in touch with the promo departments for possible interviews with for instance VG, they have asked us what we have got to share. Whether there are any funny tales there. And my focus has been rather to share something that can be useful to others, and that I can be proud of. And this has resulted in that all the attention that has come, has been good. Luckily, people don’t quite understand where they have seen me before, and that lasts until I explain it to them, or put my mask on…

Joakim and his famous mask. (Photo: Christian Bastiansen)


It seems that taking part in MGP & Eurovision in 2017,  and MGP 2018 ,has given you a great engagement for the Eurovision. What do you think is so positive about the MGP and the Eurovision?

Yes it has. I think that the fans are nice to deal with, and I have stuck to a lot of ESC.related co-operation since 2017 just to work at a high level as possible. In the music businss in general, MGP and ESC is something un-incredible , (if there is such a word). This has resulted in that those who are at the same level as the ESC attenders in the business as a whole, don’t think that it is much of a deal. Like for instance Kristian Kostov, who has nearly as great a fan base as Astrid S. One of them would have worked with JOWST, but the other one would not.

Do you, and other MGP/Eurovision artists pay attention in what people and Facebook Sites likes ut, writes about you?

Yes, we do pay attention! After all we are curious about what people think, and I am very happy to see that I have seen. I know that it means a lot. By far most of the artists see a lot, they are just very aware to let people see it. I don’t mind pressing «like» when somebody is writing a comment and a recommendation in public. But I don’t mind pressing «like» when people are writing something stupid either.  – to let them see that I can see it. And if there is a question mark there, I will respond, if i have got the time…

Prior to the participation in the Eurovision 2017, you were attending a lot of pre-parties in the time running up to the finale – deriblant Tel Aviv. Have you gained something as artists attending these pre-parties?

Yes, it was a good thing to take part in. It was a good experience to bring with us to the finale, as the interviews would almost run on autopilot, and we got to know everyone that we met in the final weeks. It is so much better to attend live TV in front of millions when you are under control, amongst friends and aquaintences  than the opposite. And this was the main factor.

Which Norwegian contribution through all times do you think is the best? (Apart from Grab the moment)?

That was probably Margaret Berger’s song that I thought about the most, and which I liked the best when it comes to producing, etc. So the coolest production, (something that is very crucial to a producer), the song itself, would be the one performed by Kjetil Mørland or Alexander Rybak.

JOWST representing Norway in Eurovision 2017:

Thumbs up for answering our questions, Joakim! We are looking forward to see and hear more of you in Melodi Grand Prix, You Decide – and Eurovision.


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